Level up your designs with UI Kits, design systems and more

Check out Uxcel: https://bit.ly/3oyLT7O

One of my favourite ways to design faster and level up my skills is to utilize other resources other people have created, specifically with UI kits and design systems.

Here are a few resources I recommend!

Learning Figma by Georgia Davis: https://learningfigma.com/femke
Uxcel: https://bit.ly/3oyLT7O
Figmaster: https://gumroad.com/a/1029149811/LMhDn
Untitled UI: https://untitledui.gumroad.com/l/NHefI
Looking for 1:1 mentorship or feedback on your portfolio? Book a session with me on Superpeer: http://superpeer.com/femke

Looking for a new design job? Browse my job board of fresh product design roles: https://pallet.xyz/list/femkedesign-jobs/jobs

0:00 - Intro
1:38 - Learning Figma by Georgia Davis
4:15 - Uxcel
5:12 - Figmaster
7:43 - Untitled UI
10:04 - Outro

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Podcast: https://www.designlife.fm/
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Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/femkedotdesign/

My logo animation is done by Austin Saylor: https://www.austinsaylor.com/
My brand is designed by Black & White studios: https://www.blackandwhitestudios.nz/
Some videos are edited by Nancy Palm: https://nancypalm.com/

My music:
- brillion. x Monma x Tom Doolie – Aurora
- Provided by Lofi Records
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