Let's learn HTML. Week 1 of the free webdev bootcamp!

Hello everyone!

In this inaugural stream, we're going to start learning HTML, the markup language that underpins the Web, through a hands-on approach by building a cat photo app. The goal is to get you started and have you finish on your own, but you can always get help in the forums if you get stuck.

00:00:00 --- Intro
00:04:39 --- Lesson
00:09:02 --- Step 1
00:25:51 --- Step 5
00:38:59 --- Step 10
00:55:18 --- Step 15
01:02:28 --- Step 21
01:05:10 --- Q&A

This live stream is part of Class Central's Free Web Development Bootcamp, hosted by Jessica Rose. Learn more about the bootcamp and how to enroll here: https://www.classcentral.com/cohorts/webdev-bootcamp-spring-2022
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