Let’s Learn CommandBar!

Adding a ⌘+K shortcut to open a command palette in your app is a great way to give your users more control. CommandBar lets you add powerful search, nav, & custom actions quickly. James Evans will teach us how!

0:00:00 - Welcome
0:00:26 - Guest introduction
0:01:42 - Introduction to CommandBar
0:08:17 - Do I have to rebuild my app to implement CommandBar?
0:30:14 - How do I start using CommandBar?
0:40:58 - How do I actually show something?
0:53:20 - How to make stuff searchable in CommandBar
1:09:28 - Can we change the stage?
1:29:00 - CommandBar resources

* demo: https://lwj-commandbar.netlify.app/

* repo: https://github.com/learnwithjason/commandbar


- https://www.commandbar.com/

- https://www.nngroup.com/articles/end-of-web-design/

- https://www.nbc.com/the-good-place

- https://app.netlify.com/

- https://demo.commandbar.com/

Watch future episodes live at https://twitch.tv/jlengstorf

This episode was sponsored by:
- Netlify (https://lwj.dev/netlify)
- Nx (https://lwj.dev/nx)
- Backlight (https://lwj.dev/backlight)

Live transcription by White Coat Captioning (https://whitecoatcaptioning.com/)


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