Learning web design

People who have worked with me know how much I enjoy working on front-end projects and building web interfaces. Recently, I took on a personal project to build a website for my local mosque. As they had no designs I started learning more about web design and creating some templates on Figma for them before I start to build the website.

I have to say it's fun messing around in Figma and being able to change the layout around in just a few min, rather than doing it with code.

How have I not been designing my personal website before coding them, I don't know!!!

I have been using Pinterest for inspirations and designs ideas, but if you know of any other useful sites, please let me know.

My name is Hamad. I am a software engineer at a consultancy firm based in the UK and the US. I went from being a coding Bootcamp student to working as a Software Engineer full time.

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Web design
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