Learning the basics of outstanding Shiny UI!

I have been so inspired by my friends in the data science streaming communities who have been learning new skills and techniques, especially Jesse Mostipak's adventures with learning Shiny. In my development journey, I have reached a point where it is finally time to level up my skills with understanding how Shiny builds upon excellent tooling for creating interactive user interfaces and how I can begin customizing out-of-the-box solutions on my own. I begin this learning journey using David Granjon's Outstanding User Interfaces with Shiny! In this stream I explore the fundamentals of HTML structures and the really intriguing ways we can manipulate HTML elements using the developer console and functions from the immensely powerful htmltools package. This is just the beginning, but I had a few awesome light-bulb moments which as always were thanks to the audience!

Originally streamed on the R-Podcast Twitch channel on 30-September-2021 - https://twitch.tv/rpodcast

Resources mentioned in the stream:

Web design
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