Learn Web Development - PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS & Bootstrap, - learn Other IT & Software

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Learn Web Development - PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS & Bootstrap, - learn Other IT & Software
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Step by Step Web Development Course for Beginners with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap , PHP and MySQL
Core PHP and Fundamentals of MySQL Databases for PHP Web Applications,Object Oriented Programming Concept in PHP,Creating Web Applications using PHP and MySQL,Bootstrap Framework for creating responsive web designs,Basics HTML, CSS for Web Page Designing,PHP
A simple code editor and a zeal to learn,Here is the Complete Syllabus of the course,Section 1:Introduction,Lecture 1:Course Introduction,Lecture 2:Installation of Tools Needed to Run PHP,,Section 2:Basic HTML For Web Design | Development from Scratch,Lecture 3:HEADING and PARAGRAPH Tags in HTML,Lecture 4:IMAGE tag and its attributes in HTML,Lecture 5:Unorder List and Ordered List in HTML - Basic HTML,Lecture 6:TABLE Tag in HTML Part 1,Lecture 7:TABLE Tag in HTML Part 2,Lecture 8:Html Tags for Text Formatting,Lecture 9:Anchor Tag in HTML,Lecture 10:FORM Tag for Creating Web Forms Part 1,Lecture 11:FORM Tag for Creating Web Forms Part 2,Lecture 12:FORM Tag Radio Button and Select Tag in HTML Forms,Lecture 13:FORM Tag - ALL Other input tags in HTML Forms,,Section 3:Basic CSS for Web Design | Development from Scratch,Lecture 14:CSS - Introduction,Lecture 15:Benefits or Purpose of writing CSS,Lecture 16:Simple Selectors in CSS - id, class and name of tag,Lecture 17:Different Ways of Writing CSS in a Web Page,Lecture 18:Colors in CSS - on Text, Background and Borders,Lecture 19:Backgrounds Related Properties in CSS,Lecture 20:Width and Height Related Properties in CSS,Lecture 21:Height and Width Inherit Values,Lecture 22:Text Related Properties in CSS,Lecture 23:Anchor Tag Related CSS Properties,Lecture 24:Margin and Padding Properties in CSS,Lecture 25:Fonts Related CSS Properties,Lecture 26:CSS Properties for Tables,Lecture 27:CSS Properties for Lists Part 1 (For UL and OL Tags),Lecture 28:CSS Properties for Lists Part 2 (For UL and OL Tags),Lecture 29:Display and Visibility Properties in CSS,Lecture 30:Creating a Simple Web Page Layout using DIV and CSS Part 1,Lecture 31:Web Page Layout Using CSS and DIV Part 2,Lecture 32:OVERFLOW Property in CSS,Lecture 33:Creating a NAVBAR using CSS and UL, LI,,Section 4:Core PHP for Web Development From Scratch,Lecture 34:Writing First Statement in PHP,Lecture 35:Variables in PHP,Lecture 36:Datatypes in PHP,Lecture 37:Constants in PHP,Lecture 38:User Defined Functions in PHP,Lecture 39:Simple Calculator using GET and POST Superglobals Part1,Lecture 40:Simple Calculator using GET and POST Superglobals Part 2,,Section 5:Operators in PHP,Lecture 41:Assignment Operators in PHP,Lecture 42:Arithmetic Operators in PHP,Lecture 43:Comparison Operators in PHP,Lecture 44:Logical Operators in PHP - Theory,Lecture 45:Logical Operators - Example - PHP,Lecture 46:Increment and Decrement Operators in PHP,Lecture 47:Ternary Operator in PHP,Lecture 48:String Operators in PHP,,Section 6:LOOPS in PHP,Lecture 49:Nested For Loop and fetching Array values using For Loop,Lecture 50:FOR Loop Part 1,Lecture 51:WHILE Loop in PHP,Lecture 52:DO WHILE LOOP in PHP,Lecture 53:Foreach Loop in PHP,,Section 7:Arrays in PHP,Lecture 54:Arrays - Indexed Arrays in PHP,Lecture 55:Associative Arrays in PHP,Lecture 56:Multidimensional Arrays in PHP,,Section 8:Bootstrap for Beginners,Lecture 57:Bootstrap Introduction,Lecture 58:COLORS in Bootstrap - Theory,Lecture 59:Bootstrap COLORS - Examples,Lecture 60:Installing Bootstrap by Downloading the CSS and JS Files,Lecture 61:Creating an HTML Form With Dynamic Dropdown List in PHP,Lecture 62:Creating A Simple Web Page Layout Using Bootstrap - Part 1,Lecture 63:Creating A Simple Web Page Layout Using Bootstrap - Part 2,Lecture 64:Creating A Simple Web Page Layout Using Bootstrap - Part 3,Lecture 65:Creating Hotel's Web Application - Basic Home Page - Banner and Services Section,Lecture 66:Creating a Responsive Navigation Menu Using Bootstrap,Lecture 67:Bootstrap Creating Template having Sliders Part 1,Lecture 68:Bootstrap Creating Template having Sliders Part 2,Lecture 69:Bootstrap Responsive Tables and Classes for Table Tag,Lecture 70:Creating and Designing a Registration Form Using Bootstrap Part 1,Lecture 71:Creating and Designing a Registration Form Using Bootstrap Part 2,Lecture 72:Other Important Classes Related to Forms in Bootstrap,,Section 9:PHP with MySQL - Databases and Tables,Lecture 73:Creating Database and Table for Application Using MySQL,Lecture 74:Creating a Table with Foreign Key Constraint in MySqL,Lecture 75:Connecting to MySQL Server using PHP,Lecture 76:Show Databases and Show Tables - SQL Query Using PHP,Lecture 77:Insert Records in MySQL Table From
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