Learn Web Development and Actually Get a Job

How is it possible for an average construction worker to learn to code, to get that super hard first programming job and then get hired by a large tech company, making hundreds of thousands of dollars in total compensation each year?

Nine years ago, I was totally that construction worker because I couldn’t get another job with my near worthless history degree. So I ended up freezing my butt off in the cold each winter doing physical labor for mediocre pay and no benefits.

I’m now a full-time senior front-end software engineer at Adobe. And I’m self-taught working in a nice cozy office.

So let’s talk about how to become a web developer quickly in 2022 as an absolute begineer.

0:00 Why most self-taught devs fail.
2:18 Why you should choose to become a front-end web developer instead of back-end
4:52 The web development technologies you should learn
6:14 The right way to learn to code
7:20 How to get your first job as a web developer
10:41 Why you're not getting job interviews and what to do about it

Why some web developers make more money than others: https://youtu.be/QILxmJpH6wM

@Fireship Building the same application 10 times video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cuHDQhDhvPE


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This channel is for educational and entertainment purposes only. There are no guarantees that doing what I do will produce the same results. So do your own research rather than basing decisions off of some dude on the internet.
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