Learn UX/UI Design at Designlab's UX Academy

Are you looking to transition your career into the world of UX/UI design?

Look no further than Designlab's UX Academy: https://designlab.com/ux-academy/

UX Academy is a rigorous online program that has helped thousands of people land a job in UX/UI and product design fields since 2015.

UX Academy pairs you with an experienced mentor 1-on-1 to support you as you complete over 480 hours of coursework (with the majority produced in-house and updated in 2022) in topics that cover the full breadth of UI/UX design, including: UX research, information architecture, interaction design, UI design, prototyping, testing, and handoff.

Upon completion, you'll not only have a certificate of completion but also, more importantly, a professional UI/UX portfolio containing 4 in-depth projects to showcase your skills and share with future employers.

Along the way, you'll participate in weekly Group Critiques where you'll share, discuss, and analyze design work live with a group of students and experienced facilitator.

The support will continue into the Career Services phase of UX Academy, where you'll be paired with a Career Coach who will guide you through interview practice, networking, salary negotiation, and other elements of the recruitment process until you find a job in the field of UX/UI design.

Learn more by booking a chat with one of our Admissions team members (https://calendly.com/designlab-admissions/schedule-call) or attend a free Admissions Open House webinar (https://designlab.com/webinars/).
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