Learn UX/UI Design फ्री में सीखो! I Complete Roadmap Research

UX/UI Design फ्री में सीखो! | Best Free Course I Complete Roadmap

In this video, you will learn the complete roadmap to becoming a UX/UI designer. Also, I have shared 2 Months UX/UI design free course by Google, some useful websites for practice, and more.

Topic Covered:
Intro with current Trends & Facts on UX/UI
What is UX design?
2 Good and bad UX design examples
What is UI design?
Graphic design Vs UI design
UX design Vs UI design
How to become a UX/UI designer
Explain complete roadmap to become UX/UI designer by Andy chain
Why Figma is getting popular?
How to learn UX/UI design for free
UX Design, 2 Month Google Free Course
Best Websites to make UX/UI designer Portfolio
2 Best Websites for Practice UX/UI design

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Practice and Redesign Challenges

ये विडियो कैसा लगा कमेंट्स में जरूर बताये !

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