Layout Theory A Detailed Guide To Grids in Design

[Graphic Design Masterclass - Learn GREAT Design 2021]
2. How to Become a Graphic Designer
3. Graphic Design Theory
4. Adobe Photoshop - The Very Basics
5. Adobe Photoshop - Introduction to Photo Editing
6. NEW! How to Encourage and Spark Creativity
7. Photoshop Intermediate Tools
8. Photoshop Editing and Manipulation - Intermediate Skills
9. Photoshop Projects - Double Exposure Effect
10. Photoshop Projects - YouTube Thumbnail
11. Photoshop Project - Book Cover Design
12. How to Give and Receive Critiques and Feedback
13. EXTRA PROJECT - Working with Photoshop Mockups
14. EXTRA SECTION 10 Tips from A Pro Designer
15. Adobe Illustrator Introduction and Basic Tools - The Tracing Worksheet
16. Vector Space Badge Project
17. (Optional) Introduction To Affinity Designer - An Adobe Illustrator Alternative
18. Logo Design & Branding Theory
19. Logo Design and Branding Project
20. Logo Design Student Challenges Pick Your Favorite Challenge!
21. NEW! Adobe Illustrator - Creating Vector Art - Blend, Transform and Repeat Tools
22. Adobe Illustrator Project Event Flyer Design
23. The 5 Day Student Challenge!
24. Adobe InDesign - Let's Learn the Software!
25. InDesign PROJECT - Create a Cookbook
26. EXTRA! InDesign Portfolio Building Template
27. Bonus Lecture What courses should I take NEXT Discounts!
28. BRAND NEW! Design Trends 2021! With 3 Student Projects
29. Design Trends for 2020! (From Last Year But Projects are Really Helpful)
30. Design Trends for 2019 (Older but still interesting and helpful projects)
31. Finding Your Design Niche!
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