Laravel WebSockets Course | Chat App Example

Hello and Welcome back to another AHT Cloud training series.

In this course, we will cover custom Laravel WebSocket Chat Application implementation using the Laravel framework.

We will not be using any third-party vendor for the WebSocket’s server. We will implement it from scratch, and we will use our server to handle all the WebSocket’s communications.

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Blog post: https://www.ahtcloud.com/laravel-websockets-example-chat-application
Github link for the code files: https://github.com/emad-zaamout/laravel-websockets-chat-application-example

0:00 Introduction
0:22 Course Overview
0:46 Demo
1:22 What is WebSockets?
2:01 How do WebSockets work?
2:42 What is Pusher Channels?
3:04 What is Laravel WebSockets?
3:29 Create a new Laravel project.
4:16 Create a new Database.
5:02 Configure Queue Driver.
6:12 Install Laravel WebSockets package.
7:48 Install Pusher PHP SDK.
8:10 Run WebSockets & Queue Servers.
8:39 Configure config/broadcasting.php
12:08 Laravel WebSockets dashboard.
17:52 Create WebSockets connect API.
22:53 Implementation.
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