Laravel 8 Crud with L5 Repository

In this video, we're going to build a example for Laravel CRUD application while using Livewire, L5-repository, Tailwind CSS instead of using bootstrap as far as predecessor version.
In the short of period of time, there are some mistakes and not clear explanation to the Project. So you can download the project as below and follow Flagtick's Facebook to get more updates.

Steps of this video :
Step 1 : Get Laravel-Auth project that has been available from GitHub repositories
Step 2 : Let the Laravel application run with configure into file .env, database - XAMPP, package.json and composer.json
Step 3 : L5-repository and Get All users
Step 4 : Modal and Create a new user.
Step 5 : Re-use Modal and Update a new user
Step 6 : Delete a existing user
Step 7 : Add Livewire Alert to show notification.

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Laravel 8 Full tutorial for template:

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