Landing Page Design in PIXSO | New UX/UI Design Tool

Hi guys, today I brought to you a new UX/UI design tool. Let's explore it together.

Pixso is a fully featured, web-based UI and UX design tool. The app has a free tier for personal use, but what sets it apart is that the free tier is incredibly generous. Pixso offers features like unlimited storage and unlimited real-time collaboration on projects that most paid-for UI design software only offers at premium tiers.

Pixso features the standard design tools you would expect but also boasts intelligent UI design, which means that elements will react to changes, saving a complete redesign for a single tweak. It offers an extensive range of design elements and templates, getting new projects off to a flying start. And it can create high-fidelity prototypes, allowing for extensive UI testing of your designs.

And as a new design tool, it has multi-language support, such as Korean and Japanese, making it user-friendly for multinational companies.

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Pixso Source File

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