Key Elements of a Conversion Generating Website Design With Ari Krzyzek

Join me and Ari Krzyzek of Chykalophia in today's episode of Master Delegator Podcast as we talk about her journey as an empowering female entrepreneur and the Key Elements of a Conversion Generating Website Design that will help business owner get a step closer to growth and success.

Key Elements of a Conversion Generating Website Design

Going to a website but not receiving anything that indicates what the website is for and about is very frustrating, isn't it?
So, in order to have a good website, it should answer these fundamental questions:

What is this website about? = A good website should indicate whether it was created to provide a service, a product, or simply a community for people to connect for a single purpose.
Why should people care? = Instead of putting everything on your website just to make it look good, your website should have things that tell people why they should look at your website, how it differs from your competitors' websites, and why they should choose you over others.
How does it work? = It is true that some people browse websites mindlessly. As a result, it's important to include guidelines that will assist visitors to your website and fully engage with it.

About Ari Kryzek

Ari Krzyzek is the co-founder and chief creative officer of the Chicago-based digital brand consultancy Chykalophia. Through strategic research, attractive design, and cutting-edge digital solutions, they assist in creating brand pillars that increase the confidence and success of fellow visionaries. She is referred to as the design queen due to her ten years of branding and design expertise. In addition, she established Creative Women's Co. to share her knowledge, assist, coach female entrepreneurs and encourage other women who are running their own businesses.

Learn more about her here:

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