Kent Scott 1: HTML - How to build a mobile first website from scratch in just HTML and CSS

This is the video where I go over my HTML structure and how to think through it and plan ahead for transitioning from mobile to desktop. This is the first video in the playlist in which I build an entire website from scratch in only html and css for a real client of mine. I record all my mistakes as well so everyone can watch how I think through a problem and help new developers learn how to think like a developer. Problem solving will be the biggest skill in your line of work, so I think it's important to keep the mistakes in the videos and show how I solve them. No one is perfect, and I think it's important everyone sees this and not get discouraged that they can't get it done right the first time.

We will start the website with mobile first programming in mind and make it 100% responsive.

Here’s the starter kit I use in this video:


And here’s the code I use to add dark mode to your website in under 5 minutes and how to use it:

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