Katie Explains: Modern Web Development (GIVEAWAY)

I often tell people not to focus too much on CTFs or challenges on Twitter, but why? Well modern web dev has come a long way and many challenges just aren't realistic to what the modern web looks like. In this video I'll be breaking down these changes and what they mean for bug bounty hunters. What bugs should you look for? Why are some bugs like SQL Injection less common? How do you even approach a modern website?

Did you know this episode was sponsored by Intigriti? Sign up with my link http://go.intigriti.com/katie I'm so pleased with everyone's positive response to the Intigriti sponsorship and I'm so pleased you folks are finding bugs and even finding your first bugs! Thank you for being awesome!

This month as a thank you for bearing with me as I get back into video making we're doing a giveaway! To win one of the following prizes please enter via a comment on this video with an answer to: What bug or type of hacking do you want to know more about? And the text: #bountypls

1x Lifetime Membership to https://www.bugbountyhunter.com/
5x 1 month memberships PentesterLab Pro
5x 2 months Try Hack Me Premium
10x InsiderPhD Swag Pack

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