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Unique possibility to catch up on the latest advancements in the field of balance. We have made these exclusive courses available for you for free. Sign up through our website on the link below.

Across four consecutive days, the Trends in Balance virtual course covered the latest advancements in the field of balance, including videonystagmography, BPPV testing, vestibular rehabilitation and pediatric vestibular assessment.

To join the courses please visit Interacoustics Academys website and sign up for the course you wish to join here:

Day 1 - Advances in VNG
With Dr Devin McCaslin, Dr Michelle Petrak and Dr Cammy Bahner

Day 2 - Advances in BPPV
With Dr Mans Magnusson and Dr Kamran Barin

Day 3 - Advances in vestibular rehabilitation
With Dr Susan Whitney and Dr Kamran Barin

Day 4 - Advances in pediatric vestibular assessment
With Dr Sharon Cushing and Dr Violette Lavender

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