Job Guarantee Full Stack JavaScript Web Development Bootcamp | iNueron Full Stack Web Development

Job Guarantee Full Stack JavaScript Bootcamp | iNueron Full Stack Data Science Review | Full Stack Developer

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Learn everything about JavaScript with React, Vue, Angular, Nodejs, MongoDB, NextJS, Tailwind, etc. Build industry ready projects

Class Timings:

10:00 AM to 12:00 PM (IST) Saturday - Sunday

Course Features

Full stack Web Developer certification

Job guarantee Program

One year of internship

Revision Classes

Online Instructor-led learning: Live teaching by instructors

50+ hands-on industry real-time projects.

100+ hours live interactive classes.

Every week doubt clearing session after the live classes.

Lifetime Dashboard access

Doubt clearing through mail and discussion forum

Assignment in all the module

Quiz in every module

Full Stack Web Dev Bootcamp - Job Guarantee Program
Full Stack Javascript Web Developer

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