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This "JavaScript full course" is a comprehensive introduction to JavaScript that goes in-depth on data types, variables, functions, event handling, form validation, and other topics utilizing JavaScript. This Complete JavaScript Tutorial for Beginners covers the following subjects:

Table of Content :

00:00 HKR Trainings
00:22 Java Script Full course
01:01 What is Javascript?
02:04 Write the javascript code?
08:55 Keywords
09:48 Operators
18:52 comments
21:01 statements
21:39 javascript properties
21:55 data types
21:59 variables
23:07 scope
29:49 conditional statements
32:26 Functions
34:51 Arrays
36:46 Classes
41:24 Type conversion
44:17 Errors
52:42 Hoisting
56:13 MVC
58:17 IIFE
59:12 Iterators
1:00:41 Generators
1:04:25 Async
1:07:02 What is DOM?
1:09:08 HTML DOM
1:12:02 Working with forms in javascript
1:24:09 Babel
1:25:27 Template strings
1:31:22 Destructuring
1:35:43 Spread and rest operators
1:36:25 Function Improvements
1:37:01 Object Literal Improvements
1:39:06 Modules
1:41:00 Maps and sets
1:47:59 Symbols
1:52:44 JSON
1:56:47 JSON data types
2:01:53 Understanding AJAX programming
2:02:50 Working with XMLHttpRequest
2:04:19 Working in fetch
2:05:51 Browser DOM
2:06:07 Window Object
2:07:45 Navigator Object
2:07:56 Timers
2:09:05 Cookies
2:10:01 Local storage
2:10:57 JQuery

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