Is No Code the Future? Web Development Career | Answering Your Spicy Programming Questions

In this video, I answer questions that you asked me in the comments of the community post I posted a week ago.
It was fun answering your questions about programming and I hope you get some value from this as well.

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0:00 Video Starts
0:24 Is No Code the Future?
1:30 WebAssembly with Go or Rust?
2:57 How to Join Codedamn team?
3:29 How to Build a Career in Web Development?
5:34 Future of Azure
6:38 DevOps Career
8:01 How to Master React?
10:05 Can you learn programming at the age of 40?
11:28 How much time should you spend on coding?
13:05 How to Shift your career from Non IT to IT field?
15:15 How codedamn's interactive learning platform works?
16:18 How much are you paying in cloud bills?
17:02 What's the future of Web Development?
18:33 Conclusion
18:55 Outro

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