Introduction to Web Development : Lecture Series 2022

We will introduce you all to HTML, CSS and the working of the web! Meanwhile you will also see how to use GitHub for developing, sharing and exploring projects.

The files used in the session are available at https://github.com/as1605/helloworld

Link to assignment and further resources: https://github.com/as1605/DevClub-Assignment1

0:00:00 Introduction
0:00:41 DevTools: How a website loads
0:07:04 HTML: Structure and Tags
0:19:26 DevTools: Inspecting a Webpage
0:22:15 HTML: Tables, Lists, Hyperlinks
0:30:42 DevTools: Assets and Cacheing
0:36:30 DevTools: Cookies
0:39:56 HTML: Images and Navigation
0:44:24 GitHub: Create Repo, Host webpage using Pages
0:56:12 CSS
1:44:46 GitHub: Upload, Contribute and Merge
1:53:50 Assignment: Covid Guide
2:01:03 Figma
2:03:34 Closing
Web design
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