Introduction to Web Development (HTML, CSS and Javascript) - a GitHub Guided Workshop For Beginners

Summary: Recording of web development workshop conducted on 9th April, 2022.

In this workshop, we learned:
- the basics of Git and GitHub
- how to use Gitpod as a code editor and development environment
- basics of HTML, CSS and JS by building a game
- how to deploy a website to the internet

To do the workshop along with the video, please visit the workshop GitHub link and follow the instructions in the guide.

Workshop GitHub link:

Quiz Game Link:

00:00:00 Overview of the workshop
00:02:20 Basics of Git / GitHub (Source code management)
00:09:46 Gitpod IDE Setup (Code Editor + Development Environment)
00:15:18 Part 1 - HTML
00:37:28 Git (branch, commit and push)
00:41:48 Part 2 - CSS
01:11:03 Part 3 - Javascript
01:42:37 Deploying your website to the internet
01:48:50 Closing Comments

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