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Codezilla is a club for all the misfits, the people who have the drive to contribute to the coding society, and those who are able to see things from a different perspective. Our members are code-contributors for great tech conglomerates. Having already worked for another successful club, we are more likely to grow into a club that delivers one of the most output in the university. Anyone who has the drive to work or learn new skills or both for the betterment of the technology world is welcomed, rather belongs in Codezilla. We going to focus on the introduction and implementation of the latest technologies by organizing seminars and making projects.

Likhith is a technical associate at Codezilla, who is a passionate learner, and also about Machine Learning and Web Development side. Today he brings us a short video on Web Development.

CODEZILLA presents:

Introduction to Web Development || by Likhith Rachagolla.

The aim of this video is to give a glance at the whole web Development domain. We're here will discuss the Front and Back ends of Web Technologies.

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