Introduction To Web Development

In this video we will learn
#html #css very basic
#hosting and deployment
and how to create website in 10 minutes at last

node js installation link :
Vs code installation link:
Utech Digital Education

The fast-evolving world of technology where everyone is competing to rise above the others and create the best possible lives with the introduction of new technologies and alleviating lifestyles, U-Tech aims to enhance the creative and innovative minds of youngsters and produce the best developers. It provides digital learning for kids whereby, along with academic learning kids have access to new and modern means of developing skills effectively.

U-Tech came into being. We are a bunch of undergraduates students who, along with pursuing their careers, want to impart their knowledge and expertise to youngsters of our era. We are going to train your kids to the best of our knowledge and we deem it our duty to do so. Our aim is to produce experts in the field of Computer Science that is to become the future of Pakistan.

Thrives to develop a team of the best techie kids who has the skills that parallel that of the best developers bringing the world on a whole new dimension.

Our vision

To bridge the gap between the kids and tye fast-evolving world of technology

To refine critical thinking skills and foster creativity.

To provide skills and proficiencies necessary for the workforce.

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