Introduction to Web Development

Hello, here I share a little nostalgic journey of how web browsers became central to the web and some sources to dig deeper into the subject. I also share a simplified architecture of the web app I'm working on. This is a quick introduction to web development. If you wish to know more stay tuned for more episodes.

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-- This Series --
In this series of videos I document the development process of a complete web app. Hopefully it will be entertaining, instructive and motivating. My goal is to share life experiences and focus on basic technical knowledge. I want to show a path to help people getting into tech without overwhelming with specific technologies.

-- About --
Hello, my name is Diogo and I have been developing products for a while now. I work mostly with software development. In this channel I document side projects while conveying ideas and principles to help people deepen their relationship with tech in a more healthy way. I never created videos before (or had relevant social media), so it will be a big experiment to me.
Web design
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