Introduction to Amazon kindle Self Publishing : Amazon Master Class

Getting started with Amazon KDP. This is a step-by-step guide to earning money online with Amazon's KDP and Kindle Direct Publishing program. The first step is creating account on Amazon KDP and also creating account on payooner for receiving payment in USD.

When you're just starting out, creating and publishing KDP no content and low content journals to sell might be a daunting task, as there is a lot of material to consider and comprehend. It's also challenging to know where to begin when it comes to creating and publishing books on the Amazon KDP platform. In this video, I break down everything you need to know before getting started with Amazon KDP.

**DISCLAIMER** I am not a financial advisor, and nothing I say on this YouTube channel should be construed as such. I'm merely offering my skewed perspective based on assumption and personal experience. Always keep in mind that there is always a danger when it comes to investing. Before making any investment, you should always conduct your own research.

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