Introduction to all materials used in making website | #1

hello guys, i know you're good and keep seeing my useful videos. i have seen that so many peoples want to make website but actually, he/she dosen't know how to make a website. he searches for so many times, but he/she only finding 1hour or 2hour videos of website and do not understanding anything. in this playlist you found videos part by part if you can follow all the videos of this playlist i promiss that you are master in making website. but i also know that this playlist dosen't work accordingly to become a web developer, but for normal peoples only want to learn basic things. this playlist haven't videos like you can writing code-code this playlist have a copy codes from website that if you want to make a website for free in 5 minutes with your friend or anyone. then you can simply run vs code and make a new folder, go to website tailwind blocks, choose, copy code and paste in on your vs code and write your all topics and lines and your website is ready but in this playlist it contains 5-6 videos i think. because of i have to tell you something or i have to go website. or i have run something. or i have line something or anything. so it is. i my pc is very old because it's windows 7 and now reaslised windows 10 or 11 so you are code easily. and here i want to you tell that in windows 7 the vs code dosen't support very good but little bit.
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