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Series : UX Design (Professional Course)
Title : Introduction of UX Design | UX Design Complete Couse #uxdesign #ux #uxdesigncourse

Hello guys this is Tarun and welcome to Dezipex
This video gonna be the first video on ux design course this course would be the complete guided course of ux design where you will learn ux design and it's every aspect. this video is all about the introduction of ux and ux design so that you will have a basic understanding of ux design. this ux design course and video is for beginner to advance level. What you have to do is just subscribe the channel and press the bell icon. This introduction video is on in depth discussion over ux.
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very soon we're heading up to UX/UI design course so keep yourself ready for this mind-blowing and interesting series, named UX UNFOLD SERIES.
Also, we have many exciting plans for graphics and UI/UX design so keep tuned.
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