Intro to Web Design Module 09 - Intro to CSS Styling


In this video we look at how to properly create Style Sheets to control the look and feel of our website. We will look at both the style tag, as well as external style sheets to control color, text, sizing, and the margin, padding, and borders of any given element on our webpage.
We will look at using both basic selectors like a tag, as well as using classes for selectors and even compound selectors.

Table of Contents:

00:00 - Introduction
00:49 - Placement of Styles
01:09 - The Style Tag
01:50 - Why use the Style Tag?
02:33 - Using an External CSS File
03:25 - Adding an External Style sheet Link
04:54 - Creating an External Style sheet
05:42 - Creating Selectors
07:10 - Hexadecimal Color System
11:31 - Sizing with CSS
15:49 - Adjusting Text Sizes
17:08 - Compound Selectors
18:05 - Defining and Using Classes
20:12 - CSS Comments - for Organization
24:19 - Sizing Units of Measurement
27:25 - Margins and Padding
28:09 - Inspecting an Element in your Browser
32:09 - What's unique about the margin
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