Intro to Course and HTML - Week 1 - Becoming a Web Developer

In this college class companion/crash course video I will introduce you to what I am teaching, why, the visual studio code setup, plugins, websites to use for help, how to get started with HTML, and other things I probably forgot.

I believe in democratizing information and eliminating gatekeeping. Becoming a software engineer has helped my life out a lot and I want it to help yours as well!!

Feel free to make suggestions because I can always add on to this course.

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0:00 Intro
0:30 Expectations/Outlook On Course
1:52 What you need to code: Visual Studio Code
4:33 Online Alternative: JS Fiddle
5:32 Online Alternative: CodeSandbox
6:38 Online Alternative: CodePen
7:26 Online Alternative: Replit
9:33 Helpful Visual Studio Code Plug-ins
22:19 Getting Help: Google
24:30 Getting Help: Stack Overflow
26:26 Getting Help: W3 Schools
27:37 Getting Help: Free Code Camp
28:19 Getting Help: Dev.to
29:05 Getting Help: MDN Web Docs
32:00 Asking Questions Online: Don't Be a Jerk!!! and more...
35:12 HTML: Our First Look At It
36:00 HTML: It Is Similar To Writing A Paper
38:00 HTML: Our First Basic Website
39:29: HTML: Explanation Of The HTML Layout
45:48: HTML: Let's Get To Coding
52:09 HTML: Adding A Photo And Understanding File Paths
56:25 HTML: Adding Another Page And Understanding Links
59:33 HTML: Linking Back To The Home Page
1:02:48 Post HTML Discussion
1:04:10 Different Heading Sizes and Review
1:05:39 Unique Things About HTML You Can Add
1:08:07 Building A HTML Page Finding Random Elements From A Website
1:09:23 Using A Basic Table
1:16:16 Adding Crappy Emojis To Our Page
1:18:28 Adding A YouTube Video To Your Page
1:20:07 Stuff For You To Do... If You Want
1:21:14 Looking Towards Next Time

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