Internet Banking Portal | HTML | CSS | JAVASCRIPT | PHP | MYSQL

Internet banking portal application 6369302450
Internet banking portal application is used to manage banking functions through internet. This
application will help in basic bank account operations and transactions.
There are two modules available on this application.
They are
1) admin
2) customer

Admin: the admin can be able to create and manage customers. Every transaction of the customer
can be monitored by the admin. News can be posted by the admin.
Customers: customer can login to the application only after the successful registration by the admin.
All transaction details were displayed and the customer can send and receive money through this
application. Customers can apply for the loan with the help of this application.
 Transaction become easy to manage.
 Online money transaction will be helpful.
 Loan application is easy to apply.

Technology used: This application is developed by using Hypertext preprocessor (PHP) and MYSQL
database as a backend and HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT as frontend.
Web design
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