Instagram Algorithm Changes are Lowering Engagement Why? - IG TIPS OCTOBER 2022

Instagram's Algorithm is Secretly Sabotaging your Posts. Why? Update for September / October 2022. Stop losing Followers NOW!!! GAIN FOLLOWERS EASILY October of 2022

If this is too much of a headache, hire me! :

This works for all businesses, influencers, and personal accounts. Everybody eating out here!

Instagram hates small creators, but we make it work. Contact us today on how to get started with Organic Content Creation today.

Understanding Instagram's Algorithm in 2022 is very important. Stop losing followers now, and increase your engagement with your followers today! these tricks and tips are so simple anyone could do it! Remember, keep it simple, and stay consistent. consistency is king in marketing for Social Media.

Topics Covered in this Video:

1. Chronological following & Favorites Feed
2. More recommended content on your main activity feed
3. SEO & Keywords are now important. Alt-Text as well.
4. Prioritizing content created in app editor

Make sure to change the feed to following if you enjoy chronological order!

The main feed or "activity feed" will be spammed with recommended content from Instagram and Meta themselves. As well as more advertising.

Connect with Me :
Twitter: @n.a.Groot

We are Detroit Michigan based but work with client globally. If you need website design, development or deployment, then please, follow the link above.

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