Inside the Content Marketing Strategy for Gravity Forms with James Giroux

Ep. 148 - Personally, I hate it when a freelancer or company, especially in the WordPress realm, has no personality or human touch to their website or brand. It feels stiff, corporate and unwelcoming.

Nowadays, more companies are realizing this and it shows me that I’m not the only one who feels this way. The team behind Gravity Forms (the WordPress form builder I’ve used since 2013) has realized this and recently made a big push to “humanize their brand.”

I’m super excited to bring on James Giroux, their community experience manager, who shares their content marketing plan and recent endeavor to put a more human and personal touch on their brand.

While Gravity Forms is a leader in the WordPress community and a legit company, the lessons James shares and what they’ve learned applies to us as web design freelancers and small agency owners as well.

I hope this conversation gives you the motivation, encouragement and proven tactics to personalize your own brand and website!

P.S. It’s one of the quickest ways to differentiate yourself from your competition :)

In This Episode

00:00 - Introduction
04:07 - Greetings to James
07:16 - Process of becoming a CEM
14:26 - Like a good barbeque
18:09 - Coming up with a strategy
21:37 - Adjusting to generational shift
23:41 - Using the WP tool
26:00 - A collection of “Input” fields
30:14 - Push back on conversion content
34:10 - Where is the future audience
37:16 - Be smart about content
40:06 - Build content, plan and strategize
48:30 - Growing from strength to strength
53:03 - Practice helps
58:30 - Bulk content if possible
1:03:21 - Input expectations
1:08:34 - Dealing with the haters
1:12:54 - Connecting creativity w/purpose

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