Inside Shopify UX S2 EP02 | Did UX kill visual design?

Host UX Director Lola Oyelayo-Pearson chats to UX Director Yesenia Perez-Cruz and Principal Designer Roy Stanfield about the tension between UX and visual design.

00:00 – Intro
01:35 – What is a principal designer at Shopify?
05:32 – The craft of visual design
09:13 – The difference between interaction and UX design, and visual design
15:26 – Our hiring process
20:10 – Style and opinionated UI
24:50 – Bridging function with the art of design
31:00 – A studio culture of play
32:14 – Fortune teller questions

Full transcript: https://ux.shopify.com/inside-shopify-ux-s2-ep02-aeddebcad35c
TL;DL? Read the blog-post summary: https://ux.shopify.com/did-ux-kill-visual-design-73ba580bf221

Shopify is building the future of commerce, but who are the people building it? The Inside Shopify UX podcast introduces some of the leaders and crafters on our UX team and asks them to explain the big commerce problem their team is trying to solve, and gives the real talk on some of the industry's challenges and questions.

Listen to learn more about the meaty UX challenges our team is solving and how we're making it easier for independent businesses to thrive.

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Produced by Jen Shaw, UX Communications and Marketing
Assisted by Isabelle Hamel Carassi, Merchant Services Coordinator
Edited by Michael Busse, Technical Production Operator
Artwork by Senior Illustrator Alisha Giroux, Senior Culture Designer Dani Chavez Ackermann, and Broadcast Motion Graphics Artist Trevor Silvani
With music by Senior UX Manager Matt Griffin (silentquietspaces.com)
Web design
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