Inkscape Tutorial - Logo Design Process - Start to Finish

In this video, I will demonstrate you that how can we design a logo from very start to the finish. I will demonstrate you with the simplest and easy to follow steps.

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For the purpose of ease, this logo design process video is divided into different steps,
1) Design Brief 01:06
In this step of logo design process, we will go through the brief that we received from the client. We will extract the points that are vital in the design process.
2) Mind Mapping 03:02
If anybody wants to learn that how to design a logo, then mind mapping process is the most important one. In this process, we write down the most relevant points with regards to the logo design and also about the vision of client.
3) Rough Sketching 06:12
If you are also a logo designer, then this step helps you in saving your valuable time. Because in this step we will simply draw a few rough sketches on the paper, just to get the hint about the logo visual.
4) Skectch Selection 07:24
Once we draw a few skectches on the paper, then we will discuss these and choose the most suitable skectch.
5) Digitizing 09:09
In this process we will design a vector logo from the finalized sketch, by using INKSCAPE. This process is like a logo design tutorial in inkscape.

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