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Finding leads for your business is challenging. But converting your leads to sales conversions is even more difficult.

So, how do you increase your sales conversions without eating up your resources and time?

Today, Jason Spaull, the Director of Coastal Asbestos Removal, joins us to highlight the importance of lead conversion, setting goals for your business, ways to improve the quality of your leads, and different strategies on how to stand out in your industry.

Know how to handle your business and avoid these costly mistakes. Smash that play button now to learn more about sales conversions.

Discussion Points:

0:00 Opportunity Analysis
3:03 Why do most businesses get conversion problems
8:11 Jason's way of building the best business model
10:18 The importance of setting goals into your business
12:29 Understanding your customer's needs and pain points
17:01 Selling yourself, your product, and company to customers
19:28 How Jason deciphered his closing rate
20:34 Why the quality of your leads matter
24:04 Ways to improve the quality of the lead
28:07 Why email automation software is essential
30:28 Strategies on how to stand out from people
33:06 How to be more relatable to your potential clients
36:26 Creating a checklist on your business
42:05 Jason's recommendation on how to increase their sales conversion
47:23 Understanding your role and responsibility in your business
49:47 How Jason keeps his focus and values his work

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Thank you for tuning in!

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