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Ui Design trends for 2022 for beginners very useful. From behance Things i have noticed for today. figma ui design and ux design forweb design. I usual make adobe xd tutorial. I also look at dribble.

Hey And welcome back to Mouchii design. Today we are going to get into how to improve your website. As well as some simple tips and tricks that you can implement. Based on some great web design inspirations.

When something is amazing it is memorable and impacts you it stirs emotions. This website does this in a great way. This website is about travel. but look at that main image here it is just breath taking so breathtaking that everything else is a lot more minimal the lines are thin and the overlay is pretty much the same colors. the really cool drone pictures are continued through out this website. This Website is from Alexsandr Prytkov.

State of the art what if you have a product that is just different ... unique. Thats a better word for it. You may ask yourself what elements in a website will mix well with the uniqueness of your website. Notice this website the product itself looks state of art so it shown as the main focus of the landing page. The page is the same color as the actual product. but also there are star ratings everywhere on this website. This signifies. Hey maybe you don't know me but other people like me. That's at least how I like to introduce myself. Then there is this section here that also has ratings and somewhat smiling faces but the pictures aren't professionally taken pictures it looks down to earth like that friend of yours telling you this product is great. Its more relatable. This website is from Dmitrii Sverdliuk.

Relaxing and Relevant
I absolutely love this website its definitely my favorite out of all of these. I may be partial because I like ceramics. ANYWAYS This website is very relaxing and relevant to the topic ceramics. Let me explain. Look at these colors and pictures. The Colors are not bright to be honest nothing really pops out at me. That's okay because ceramics make you think of home, beauty and fragile things. but there are these colored circles on the page that remind you of a circle dish. Relevancy and as well they are all the same color. So its not all over the place multi colored circles more relaxing. This website is from Svetlana Saliy.
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