Importance of Supply Chain and Cyber Holistic Security

We are in a new asymmetric era in which adverse entities view private sector companies as prime targets to achieve their strategic objectives. The digital transformation of global economies over the past three decades, while empowering unprecedented economies of scale, efficiencies and velocity and availability of information, has also created vast new vulnerabilities that are exploited on a continuous, massive scale. The attacks happen through cyber (IT and OT), supply chain – software, hardware, materials, service, human domain and other primary vectors.​

MJ and Chris are both distinguished cybersecurity and supply chain experts that have lived through these battles. This keynote will share their views on where we really are today as a nation and in the world, in terms of our readiness to face the Asymmetric Era.​

Presented by: MJ Thomas, Sr. Global Threat Analyst for Intelwerks and former FBI Counterintelligence Agent

Chris Nissen, CEO and Founder for Intelwerks and former Director of Asymmetic Threat

Response and Supply Chain Security at the MITRE Corporation

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