Ilona freelances as a UX designer for startups.

We interview Ilona about how she became a successful UX freelancer just months after graduating from the Ideate Labs Spring 2021 cohort.

More information about the Live UI UX Cohort:

This is a 4 month program. We spend 7 weeks on UX research, design thinking and business strategy. We spend 7 weeks on design systems, atomic design and prototyping. We spend 2 weeks rebranding your portfolio and resume and sharing fresh job picks, exclusive to our alumni.

The program curriculum: Here is a week-by-week breakdown of what we will be doing within the cohort. You’ll spend 5-10 hours per week working on your project. Link: https://www.ideatelabs.co/ui-ux-design-live-course

The program runs in the spring and fall of each year. Check our website for specific dates and deadlines.

The cost of the program is $4,950 if you apply by the early bird deadline and $5850 if you apply by the regular application deadline. You can save your seat within the cohort by registering for the course ($490) before either deadline. You can pay the remainder of the tuition in one lump fee or in 5-6 installments within the first 6 weeks of the course.

How to take action and commit to the Ideate Labs Live UX cohort:

Schedule a few quick calls with either Khrys or Samaya if you have more questions about the course.

Register for the cohort by paying your $490 registration fee here.

What happens after you register:

We will send you a confirmation that your registration payment was received.

We'll invite you to a cohort Slack channel and ideate-labs-alumni channel.

We'll host a happy hour so that the cohort can meet each other.

We'll connect you with alumni and alumni will sit in for midterms and finals presentations.

Ideate Labs Live UI UX Course Overview:

4 months spent learning the end-to-end design process, from finding and honing a problem statement to creating a robust solution.

2 hours of lecture per week, plus 1 hour of interactive workshop activities each week. We combine theory and practice by helping you get a head’s start on homework each week via hands-on interactive activities we complete as a class.

Community and alumni support. You are not in this alone. We have UX mentors and alumni who will help you and cheer you on throughout the course.

1:1 Mentorship each week. One hour per week. We are committed to making sure you are able to apply design thinking frameworks and UX tools to your project topic.

Why we are the most holistic UI UX course you can choose:

Learn interview techniques that help you find new perspectives and uncover unique insights.

Prioritize the right user needs and find patterns or trends that are not immediately obvious.

Run ideation workshops and prototype ideas that help you visualize solutions.

Reframe problems and solutions you uncover by considering business, marketing, and tech strategy.

Run experiments to see if your idea can be monetized or grow a following via organic referrals.

Position your ideas and craft your messaging in a way that resonates with project stakeholders, investors, and end users.

Implement your final solution within a clickable prototype that’s ready to be developed.

Showcase your ideas within an online portfolio or product page.

Prioritize the right user needs and find patterns or trends that are not immediately obvious.
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