I did Google UI/UX Design course for beginners | What is UX design ?

Know what UI/UX design is and if the google UX design course best for you. I am going to share my views on the google UX design course in this video and will share how the online learning experience is, UI/UX is in trend right now and it will be the hot field for the next coming years too. hope to know your thoughts in the comments box below.
This is my first-month review of this UX design course and I am sharing my knowledge and opinions on it. I will update a more in-depth video talking about my full experience of the course. this is not a paid promotion and I have invested my money to get the first month UX design subscription.
I will try to answer the very basic equation and that is What is UX design. hope you will find this video informative.
GOOGLE UX DESIGN COURSE ON Coursera:- https://www.coursera.org/professional-certificates/google-ux-design?
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