I Deleted My Google Business 6 Months Ago & This Happened

If you want to know how to remove your location from google search then don't miss this. Today I show you what happened when I tried to delete my business account in Google maps. It's the most common request if you have a shop on your home address in Google Maps. I currently receive where you cant change your GBP or GMB map listing

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0:00 Can You really delete your business?
0:51 Business location still showing
1:30 Google business location still on maps
2:00 Shows the business is permanently closed
2:40 Months later has it gone?
3:40 I think it disappeared
4:00 Will Google Maps ever be beaten?
5:20 Does the place exist now?

So earlier this year I set about making a video where i deleted one of my listings and showed you how I did it

The video though in APRIL "was called "How To Delete My Shop or Business In Google Maps FOREVER" bit awkward
didn't actually disappear
18 Apr 2021 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=57IAUfx5Ay8

Why did I start making this video - One of the biggest requests I've had this year is "How do you delete your location of our business on Google maps?" What I wanted was to show you how to do it (which this videos didn't fully do) and the results of it disappearing FOREVER

The problem was I couldn't end the video showing it hadn't gone, as mud stuck on my shoe it just wouldn't let go!

24 hours still there

Waited and waited

48 hours still there

in the end, I released the video knowing I would need to do a follow-up - this is what happened since then...

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