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Learn the basics of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in this 4-part crash course for beginners. Are you curious about web development, but not sure where to start? Want to make your own websites? Should you learn JavaScript first? Or is it better to start with HTML? It can be overwhelming. This course will help get you started in just 4 short videos. Learn what each of the 3 frontend technologies is responsible for, see how they work together, and write your own code! Along the way, we will build a complete project that incorporates all three technologies.

This course is for anyone, regardless of skill level. The only prerequisites are:
* Have a computer with Internet
* Commit 45 minutes of your time (does not have to be all at once)
* Brace yourself for photos of my grumpy cat

Part 1 of the Crash Course covers:
* What are HTML/CSS/JS?
* How do the 3 technologies work together?
* Inspecting the HTML on an existing web page

Part 2 of the Crash Course covers:
* What are the steps to build an HTML document?
* Developer tools like Sublime Text
* Writing your own HTML tags
* HTML Attributes
* Creating the HTML of our project

Part 3 of the Crash Course covers:
* Selecting and styling elements with CSS
* Linking CSS to HTML documents
* Adding IDs to HTML to style later
* Adding CSS to our project

Part 4 of the Crash Course covers:
* Writing simple JavaScript code
* Adding scripts to HTML documents
* Selecting DOM Elements with JS
* Writing click event listeners
* Adding JS to our project, to make the image slideshow work.
Links mentioned in the video:
- The Front End Demo Codepen:

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- Find all the code and commits for this course in this Github repo:

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