HTML Tutorial for Beginners (Lesson 6) - How to Add Images, videos and audio in HTML

Hello guys, welcome back to my channel. This is Lesson 6 of the HTML tutorial for beginners. In this lesson we will be learning how to add images, video and audio to our website using HTML. In our next lesson, we will learn how to add list (ordered and unordered list) to our website to make it look more complex.

If you are visiting this channel for the first time, check out the previous lessons to be on same page. the links are provided below:

HTML Tutorial for Beginners – Introduction to HTML: https://youtu.be/5Oj4rR1oYWo
Lesson 1 (What is HTML?): https://youtu.be/ARuWnIWdXBg
Lesson 2 (HTML Synthax): https://youtu.be/XU-BWz_hf6I
Lesson 3 (First Web Page): https://youtu.be/EoMdwKiPxio
Lesson 4 (Tags and Attribute): https://youtu.be/PZDS0M2p0kc
Lesson 5 (Adding Images, Video and Audio): https://youtu.be/nwdu0ydvHLk

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