HTML SASS CSS & JavaScript Responsive Website Tutorial For Beginners - Complete Hospital Website

HTML SASS/CSS & JavaScript Responsive Website Tutorial For Beginners - Complete Hospital Website
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In this practical HTML, SASS/CSS, and JavaScript project tutorial, I'm going to teach you, step-by-step, how to build and deploy a fully responsive hospital website from scratch! By the end of this tutorial, you will know how to create a responsive website from scratch using HTML SASS and JavaScript, how to use partials in Sass to modularize your stylesheet, how to use variables in Sass, how to use mixins in sass, how to use built-in functions in sass, how to use keyframes and transitions to animate your website, how to use media queries to make your website responsive on different screen sizes, how to use swiperJS to create slides/carousels, how to use Formspree for form submission, and more!

Although I will be explaining everything in this video, basic knowledge of HTML, SASS/CSS, and JavaScript could make things easier for you.
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00:00:00 Intro (Project Overview)
00:02:28 Buying Hosting & Claiming Free Domain Name on Hostinger
00:05:30 Project Folder Structure & Extensions
00:10:35 Config Styles
00:16:50 General Styles
00:21:25 Mixin Styles
00:30:47 Nav HTML
00:35:30 Nav SASS/CSS
00:45:27 Responsive Navbar Design
00:53:00 Navbar Dropdown using JavaScript
00:57:28 Navbar Dropdown Animation using Keyframes
01:03:50 Header HTML
01:05:58 Header SASS/CSS
01:15:20 Services HTML
01:17:30 Services SASS/CSS
01:26:00 Specialists HTML
01:31:52 Specialists SASS/CSS
01:52:45 Testimonials HTML
01:57:52 Testimonials SASS/CSS
02:02:38 Testimonials Slides with SwiperJS
02:12:36 Appointment HTML & SASS/CSS
02:34:48 Appointment Form Submission using FormSpree
02:39:55 Footer HTML
02:42:43 Footer SASS/CSS
02:51:15 Adding More Functionalities
03:02:08 Deploying The Website

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