HTML, CSS & JavaScript Full Course 2022 | Web Development Course In Urdu, Hindi

In this full course, you will learn HTML, CSS3 & Javascript. You will learn how to create beautiful, interactive and responsive websites using these web technologies.

This course is in Urdu/Hindi, at the end of this course, you will be able to design and implement your own websites, create a portfolio & apply for web development jobs.

Table of contents:
00:00:00 Trailer
00:00:57 Introduction
00:04:54 Introduction To Tools
00:08:22 Things To Keep In Mind Before Getting Started
00:11:56 Folder Structure
00:14:17 Html File Structure
00:17:55 HTML headings
00:21:06 Heading with style attribute
00:24:31 Paragraphs
00:30:40 Formatter Element
00:36:56 HTML Quotations
00:41:31 Comments in HTML
00:43:29 Links and Images
00:48:05 Div & Span
00:50:57 iframes
00:52:41 Lists
00:54:37 HTML Tables
00:59:14 Introduction and types of writing css
01:04:05 How to target elements
01:09:59 Spacing in css
01:14:59 Box model
01:18:20 Positions in css
01:25:30 Index and Display
01:29:57 Pseudo Classes
01:34:41 Introduction To JavaScript
01:38:57 Ways of Writing JavaScript
01:43:04 data types
01:50:19 Objects
01:55:11 JavaScript Arrays
02:01:31 Conditions in JavaScript
02:07:34 Loop in JavaScript
02:17:32 Functions

Instructor Profile:

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