HTML, CSS, JavaScript Explained | Web Development Course in Hindi #4

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This is Complete Web Development Course in Hindi.
and in This Video We Are Going To Talk About The HTML, CSS, JavaScript Explained.
and More on That is Covered in This Video.

Complete Web Development Course in Hindi:
Playlist Link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIsQ7YQAzgRjydhRMnfnQfFmxnt4i9AJ4

In Simple Terms ,

HTML Adds Structure to a Website. only HTML Can' t Build The Complete Functionality of Website.

CSS Provides Styles to a HTML Elements. CSS is Responsible For Increase Look and Feel of a Website

JAVASCRIPT Adds Functionality to a Website. javascript alone can do multiple things.

Final Words,
The Trio of(HTML,CSS,JAVASCRIPT) Can Make The Fully Functional Websites

Topics Covered in This Video:
1. Working of HTML
2. Working of CSS
3. Working of JAVASCRIPT
4. How They All Used To Build A Website

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