HTML, CSS & Javascript Course for Beginners in Nepali #7 - HTML Images and Favicon

In this episode I talk about how to show images and Favicon in browsers through HTML. We also use the concept of CSS in this chapter.

Note : Please do not limit yourself to this video for web development. If you want to learn more visit to the important links that I list out in the description.

Important links for this lesson :

Images -
Favicon -
Inline CSS -

Lesson's Code -

Tips :

1) Use 16x16 pixels images for Favicon.
2) To directly copy and paste a line right after the line of code in VS Code, use shift + alt + Downarrow keys
2) To copy the whole line use ctrl/command + l and ctrl/command + c

Chapter Summary :

We now know how to show images and use background images. We also know how to configure favicon in our website. We use the concept of inline css in this episode. Although we will dive into it in detail in future episode.

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