How Website Design Can Give You Anxiety - Breaking Down Common UI/UX Issues

We all try to build websites by the time we're a certain age; however, building without guidance is very counter-productive. I'll show you an example of this here. I have friends who tried with different iterations using cms, but their website still gave me anxiety every time I looked at it. Let's break down what this feeling is. In my understanding, it's often the mind noticing design is wrong but unable to express it. So in this video, we will look at the basics of web design and ui (user interface) and ux (user experience) design to explore some concepts together and help my buddies out. Seriously big shoutout to them for being such great people and wanting to learn! Let's learn about web design 101 when it comes to responsiveness, typography, color theory, alignment, and spacing. Now you're equipped with the tools to consciously explain why certain websites look off.

0:00 - Intro
1:03 - Responsiveness
4:07 - Typography
6:23 - Color
7:55 - Alignment
11:35 - Spacing
14:43 - Outro

More exploration into the Box Model and alignment here on my channel:
CSS exploration here:
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