How to Utilize Digital Marketing for Business/Brand Growth - Ann Stanley - Anicca Digital

Welcome to the first episode of the first series of our The eCommerce Growth Show Women in eCommerce!

This episode is delivered jointly by Anabela, Co-Founder of adLemonade, and Lavinia, co-founder of Nama Studio. We are with Ann Stanley, the founder, and CEO of Anicca Digital, an award-winning digital marketing agency that helps businesses build their brands.
Starting her career in a different area, biology, she gradually gained expertise in marketing. She combined her enthusiasm for science with her experience and talent in marketing and started her agency. Relying on data and analytics, Anicca provides the technical and marketing expertise the brands need in order to stand out.
In this episode, we are talking about Annica’s company culture, the dynamics between the employees, and the points they differ from other agencies. Ann shares her insight about the state of eCommerce and advises brands regarding growth and marketing strategies.

---------- Chapters of the episode ----------
0:00 Introduction
0:30 Getting to Know Hosts
1:38 Getting to Know Ann Stanley
3:15 Ann Stanley's Career Journey
6:28 Ann Stanley’s Working Style as a CEO
8:52 Women in Digital in Annica Digital
13:07 Suggestions to an Entrepreneur
15:58 Annica Digital’s Hiring Procedure
19:27 Changes in the eCommerce Market
30:47 Business Recommendations for Half 2
40:35 When is it a Good Time for a Merchant to Start Working with Agency?
45:45 How to Reach Ann Stanley
47:10 One Magic Advice
49:02 Final Words

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