How To Use & Add Social Icons Widget and Block In WordPress Without Plugins - Beginners Tutorial

In today's WordPress video tutorial we'll learn a simple, fast and effective way to use the Social Icon Widget and Block in WordPress website footer, header or sidebars simple and easy.

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In this tutorial, we'll learn how to add social icons to your website to drive more traffic to your social media accounts through your website and increase the connection between your visitors and your business.

This tutorial explains how to add social icons to your website. How to link social media icons to social accounts. How to align and style social icons and more!

Social media platforms have become an important hub for businesses and brands to educate themselves and engage with their audiences. Social icons are an effective and easy way for websites to drive traffic to social accounts. #widgets #wordpress #socialmedia

Note that the social icon widget is not the same as the share button widget. They are sometimes confused because they look similar but function very differently.

Social icons direct website visitors to social media account pages, while clicking the share button encourages visitors to share pages, posts or products on their own social media accounts. The social icon widget is a free widget available on all WP installations, and the social share buttons are only available on the Pro plan. In the widgets panel, we search for. and select the social icons widget. Then we drag and drop it onto our page. The blue line shows where it will be positioned when we let go. big. Now let's see how to manage icons. As you can see, the social icons widget starts with a few default icons.

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